Email will last forever

A wave of new companies have recently tried to replace the communication channel people love to hate: email. Slack pretends to be “an email killer”, Asana promises “teamwork without email” etc. But the promise of a world without email is a fantasy.

E-mail is powerful and flexibel. It is still the only channel for me to reach everybody. Not just Facebook Friends. Not just IBM Connections Users. Not just Twitter follower, Elloer or Skype Buddies

I’m not saying that email will always be the most suited tool for the professional world as long as you add better interfaces, far from it. Email began as a simple communication tool and is now used to coordinate schedules, collaborate on projects, store files, manage and track tasks – business activities that email programs alone are not designed to manage. As time passes and a business grows, email is more and more ill-suited for those task and some other tools do a pretty good job at replacing it

And this is where Enterprise Social Networking Suites like IBM Connections, Yammer & Co come into the game. But the growth of these tools doesn’t mean the demise of email.

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