Social Connections 15, Munich

Hotel NH Collection München Bavaria
Arnulfstraße 2
80335 München

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If Digital Transformation is the challenge – why are collaboration and networks the answer?

This session highlights the importance of working in networks, strengthening collaboration and co-creation to survive as a company in the digital age. The keynote covers the VUCA challenges, explains the cynefin framework of Dave Snowden and leads to the conclusion that the backbone for transformation is the ESN and the right mindset / culture to adapt to the new way to work.

About the event:

Social Connections is the largest worldwide user group for IBM Connections, future of work, social collaboration and enterprise social networks. We meet once or twice a year in different countries and cities in Europe or North America. We network. We share knowledge and experience. We learn. We discuss. We help. We inspire. We thrill. We are the community like no other – vendors, customers, business partners, universities, consultants, digital leaders, friends all around the world. We enjoy our events and have great fun! This year, Munich is the place where the old friends meet the new ones! And you are invited!

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