Digitaler Wandel und die Herausforderungen für IT Manager

Noch ein lesenswerter Artikel von Dion Hinchcliffe über die Rolle der IT in der heutigen Zeit:

Mature IT solutions have been hardened, bug-fixed, made highly secure, compliant, and have detailed, linear plans for evolution and maintenance. The very same processes and constraints that a mature IT solution is under are also the same ones that make it very hard to create something new and successful. […]

The old central planning model of IT, where it is solely responsible for IT, is just plain outdated. Cell-based structures, line of business tiger teams, shadow IT, consumer & enterprise app stores, and more are putting the shaping of IT into everyone’s hands, as the central IT department is ideally situated to play the town planner role, and let a much broader set of internal (and external, with increasingly broad uptake of open APIs) stakeholders pioneer and settle the technology landscape.

Die IT Abteilung in der Rolle des Stadtplaners. Für viele IT Abteilungen heute eine kaum vorstellbare Vision: Kontrolle aufgeben, die Rolle des Enablers endlich ernsthaft übernehmen, die Scheuklappen mit dem Fokus auf Kostensenkung und Standardisierung ablegen und über den Business-Tellerrand blicken. Eine große Herausforderung.

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