Enterprise 2.0 To Become a $4.6 Billion Industry By 2013

Interesting article on ReadWriteWeb about enterprises spending money on Web 2.0 technologies:

[…] However, newer, “pure” Web 2.0 companies hoping to capitalize on this trend will still have to fight with traditional I.T. software for a foothold, specifically fighting with the likes of Microsoft and IBM. Many I.T. shops will choose to stick with their existing software from these large, well-known vendors, especially now that both are integrating Web 2.0 into their offerings.

Microsoft’s SharePoint, for example, now includes wikis, blogs, and RSS technologies in their collaboration suite. IBM offers social networking and mashup tools via their Lotus Connections and Lotus Mashups products and SAP Business Suite includes social networking and widgets.

What this means is that much of the Web 2.0 tool kit will simply “fade into the fabric of enterprise collaboration suites,” says Forrester. By 2013, few buyers will seek out and purchase Web 2.0 tools specifically. Web 2.0 will become a feature, not a product.

From an IBM Business Partners perspective we just see very much interest in learning about Web 2.0 technologies when we talk to our customers. But we don’t see any of our customers investing in these technologies right now. When we talk about Lotus Connections and its blog, wiki, RSS, social web features we do it to show our competence and to create awarness. But I fear we will not earn any money with it right now.

It is an investment which hopefully will pay off in the future according to this Forresters report.

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