Sabine Nortmann




Moderne Arbeitswelt aus Sicht der Generation Y: Digital Networking, Open Space – Open Mind



Projektunterstützung aller Themen und Gruppen, Trainingserfahrung, interkulturelles Arbeitsleben



HR Position in einem multinationalem NASDAQ Unternehmen mit Verantwortung für 30+ Ländern in EMEA und APAC, B.Sc. Wirtschaftspsychologie, Master Studentin Erwachsenenbildung


Ausgewählte persönliche Referenzen:

Emily AndrewsEmily Andrews (Strategic Operations Manager at Nutanix)

Sabine was a key player on the Recruiting and HR team at Nutanix. She collaborated excellently with the team internationally and played a critical role in updating and automating employment templates in 40+ countries. Sabine was always willing to help her teammates and demonstrated flexibility and adaptability during times of disruption and change. She demonstrated open-mindedness to new processes (which is an important trait with a growing company) and a tenacious work ethic.

Sabine is a driven and self-motivated worker, with strong organizational skills and acute attention to detail. She worked in a small branch office and supported our global company, never missing a deadline. Sabine has great communication skills — high touch, always keeping the team up-to-date.

Sabine was well respected and well-known by hiring managers, leaders, new hires, recruiting, and others in region. She maintained strong rapport, and had frequent interaction with our executive leadership team. Any company would be lucky to have an employee like Sabine on board.


Henk Schouten Henk Schouten (Manager Director Fast Lane)

Sabine was my right hand woman and instrumental to the growth of the APAC talent team. I would rehire her immediately and think about the role later. She has the capacity and the character to take on any task you throw at her and deliver the goods. Solid / Sharp / Strong


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